Mack and CheeseGreg Cusimano, a colleague practicing law in Alabama has a fact of the day on his website. Here is a recent one.

Stat for the day. A car traveling 55 mph will travel the length of a football field including end zones in 6 seconds. A texter will miss 4.8 seconds while distracted. High School students were asked, “Who is the fastest kid in the room?” The fastest is usually a football player or track star. So, they are asked to run the length of the gym and back. Not a problem. Then they are asked if the coach would want him/her to do that blindfolded in the game or on the track. Every time the response is, “NO!” The next obvious question, “Why would you do it in a 3000 lb missile if the coach will not let you do it on the football field?” Cusimano

* Photo, Mackenzie Tubridy, Oregon, Wisconsin

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