Rockwell City, Iowa - New Hampton, Chickasaw County, Iowa - The Iowa State Patrol reports on this April 19, 2010 fatality. In a two-vehicle collision on South Linn Street (Old Highway 63) a head-on collision around 5:58 p.m. the driver of the car crossing the center line died. The other driver was reported as uninjured. So what caused Mr. Jason Loes to drift across the center line? The police report indicates inattention, distraction or falling asleep were all possible causes. Because the driver died there is no way to really know from interviewing him but the injured passenger, Brett John Palmer may have the answer. He's 24 years of age. He was 35-years-old. The roadway was clear as was the weather.

At first glance there doesn't seem like much to analyze, but maybe there is. The time indicates it's too early in the evening to suspect alcohol as the sole cause. Where had the driver and his passenger been? What had they been doing?  Interviewing the passenger it would be interesting to know the explanation as to why the passenger didn't recognize the car was drifting over the center line. After all the oncoming truck was a Ford F-450; that's a big truck. The driver, Jeremiah Hansen describes seeing the Oldsmobile Intrepid coming into his lane, causing to slow his truck and to move to the right; but the Loes' vehicle just kept coming till it ran head-on into the Hansen truck. Why? What was going on in the passenger compartment of the Olds? What was distracting both driver and passenger?

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