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Injured Motorcycle DriverWhen you need a personal injury lawyer there are a lot of ads from which to choose. But how do you know who is in the running and who is simply blowing smoke? And then after you know the answer to that question, what does the decision come down to?


You are in a car crash, truck wreck, motorcycle or ATV accident, or perhaps injured as a pedestrian or hurt while at work.

By ambulance you go to the hospital, are admitted, and find yourself in a hospital bed talking to friends and family. Inevitably the conversation turns to hiring a lawyer. Maybe you know one...maybe not. Friends and family may have suggestions about who is good and who is not-so-good. The type of lawyer most families know is not one handling personal injury cases. The family lawyer likely handles wills and small litigated matters. Here at the Lombardi Law Firm we do nothing but, personal injury law. I do not even know how to write a good will. Like you I hire your family lawyer.


The things you are looking for in a lawyer are really pretty straightforward. Here is what you want to focus on.

First, your case needs a lawyer that understands personal injury law. The lawyer needs to have a lot of experience negotiating with insurance adjusters and he or she needs to understand the insurance law to back up his negotiations.

A lawyer who has the experience with all of that then needs the bank to bankroll your case. When it comes to hiring experts, the experts your case needs, and when you need them hired, isn’t going to be well served by someone counting pennies on the day when that decision is made. It should not require an out-of-state committee to decide whether this case is worth spending more money on. An out-of-state litigation committee is getting information third-hand. They are getting their information from someone sitting in a chair at the local office who is not making the important decisions. Those decisions are not being made by just one lawyer.

At the Lombardi Law Firm that decision is made by me. The same guy who writes the checks to pay the experts. The guy who is familiar with your case and who knows what to try and what not to try. The same guy who knows how to gather and preserve the evidence you will need to win and to avoid, if necessary, the trial. Because trials increase risk of losing; no one can predict what will happen at trial. We do an exceptional job of investigating your case and preserving the necessary evidence to avoid prolonged litigation and the risk of loss. But if we need to try your case, then we are ready.


The Lombardi Law Firm has been here, in Iowa, practicing law for over 35 years. When the volume lawyers who practice mostly in other states ask you on television to hire them, they are not telling you they care about you or your case. Only the money your case represents. When Iowa no longer serves their demographic and financial interests they pack up and move on to another state.


The difference with us is we live and work here in Iowa. We not only have more than thirty-five years of experience in handling personal injury work, we have the bank to hire whichever experts you need, but the big difference is we have cared about Iowans for that entire time. And the day after your case settles we still live and work in Iowa.

Have you been injured? Contact us online or call us directly at 515.222.1110.


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