Mercy just let everyone know they are merciless and will ax 1,500 positions. Probably if they didn’t pay so much for land or to build a hospital they didn’t need then they wouldn’t be in this position. But they do and ungodly amount for land and they did build a hospital in West Des Moines and so 1,500 people must now find someplace else to work. When you get a pink slip from your Iowa job you might want to consider your options for benefits.

Unemployment Benefits - You should be entitled to unemployment benefits, but if not keep Katrina’s phone number handy (515-222-1110) Katrina will write this week about how to get your unemployment benefits if you are a laid off Mercy health care worker.

Work Related Injuries and Iowa Workers’ Compensation - If you were hurt on the job call me and please don’t wait to report your injury. Many clients think they are doing themselves a favor by not reporting work injuries under the work comp insurance. They think the employer will keep them on or at least not fire them if they don’t report a work injury as workers’ compensation related. Think again.

You should immediately report all injuries that are caused by your work.

Let me explain the box you place yourself when a work injury is covered under health insurance. Sooner or later health insurers catch on that the medical care is really from a work injury and should be covered under the workers’ compensation insurance. So the health insurer then turns around and denies the claim. But by then the 90 day reporting period has run and the workers’ compensation insurer no longer has to cover the medical care simply because the injured worker failed to report it in a timely manner.

So please do yourself and your family a favor and immediately report your injuries.

Mercy's parent company plans systemwide job cuts

Catholic Health Initiatives, the national nonprofit health system that operates Mercy Health Network in Iowa, plans to cut 1,500 positions across its 18-state system, Becker's Hospital Review reported. CHI officials said the job cuts, which it plans to announce in mid-January, are partly attributable to fewer people using its services. "As a result of lower-than-expected operating and financial performance in the first quarter of the 2015 fiscal year, Catholic Health Initiatives and its market organizations will take action to reduce expenses across the system," CHI spokesman Michael Romano told the Denver Post, which originally reported the story. "The losses were due to a number of external and internal factors, including reduced utilization of services." Based in Englewood, Colo., CHI operates 105 hospitals in 18 states, including Mercy Medical Center - Des Moines. Although it is still unclear which positions will be cut, administrative and support staff will be the focus, according to the report.

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