Iowa Unemployment Benefit Process

In Iowa, you may apply for unemployment benefits upon termination from your employment and also, under certain circumstances, if you voluntarily quit.  When you have been separated from your employment, it is important to understand whether you will be eligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits while you are out of work.  We can help you with the process of figuring out whether the particular facts surrounding your separation from employment mean that you are eligible for benefits.  For instance, if you are terminated, you will be eligible for benefits provided you were not fired for misconduct.  Misconduct is often misconstrued, however, and even if your employer believes a certain action was "misconduct," it does not necessarily mean that you engaged in misconduct under the law to make you ineligible for benefits.  In another example, you may be eligible for benefits if you voluntarily quit, provided that it was motivated by qualifying reasons; these may include times when the work environment was detrimental to your health or that you had a personal reason for needing to leave the employment other than being simply dissatisfied with your job.

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