Question Detail: In August of this year (2013), I fell at work and was diagnosed with a fracture of the greater tuberosity bone. (Upper arm). I took 5 weeks off without pay from my job. I started physical therapy the 2nd week after I was injured. It has been 12 weeks and my arm and shoulder still hurt. MRI was taken of shoulder and found a tear. I am 60 years old and have been employed for 20 years at my job. Go to Ortho in 1 week. Will I heal as fast as a young person?

Answer: A fractured humerus is a serious injury especially in a person your age. I'm not sure of why you haven't filed for workers' compensation benefits. You can file and you should file; chances of you just being paid what you’re owed are slim and none. If you're unsure of what to do hire an attorney to walk you though the process. You'll have to pay the lawyer probably on a contingent fee basis. This is nothing more than paying a fee based on a portion of the recovery.

To answer your last question; no you will probably not heal as fast as a younger person and you'll probably have a greater degree of industrial disability. The value of your case should be worth more than a younger worker, which is another reason to hire a lawyer and file the claim.

Anyone who says a fractured humerus is an easy fix doesn’t understand the importance of a well functioning arm, shoulder and elbow. If you think I’m wrong, just count the number of times you use your arm on a daily basis or try not using your arm for a day.

Follow this link to read about the upper arm bone. Good luck and if we can help you give my office a call at the number shown on the website.

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