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An important aspect of reading OSHA inspection reports and picking apart the citations that allege violations is to learn how workers are injured or killed. Knowing this can help a safety manager anticipate unsafe conditions. The same can be said of the guys working on the ground and on factory floors. And that’s what you should take away from these stories. It’s all about your safety in the workplace and your wife, husband or children having the benefit of your earnings without resorting to Social Security death benefits or the lifetime of workers’ compensation benefits that provides a check, but don’t provide the benefits of having you alive.

Iowa hog farm hit with OSHA citation - Pork Magazine, The Iowa Division of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited Anogla Pork LLC, a hog farm near Algona, Iowa, for violations of the state’s Occupational Safety and Health Act, according to a news release from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI). The citation was delivered after a group of workers filed a complaint with the federal agency earlier this summer. The citation includes at least four violations claiming that the employer failed to furnish facilities “free from recognized hazards that were causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm” to employees.

During an inspection on Sept. 19, OSHA found workers were at risk of injury or death if struck by the high pressure water stream from improperly installed power washers. Workers also reportedly had received no training on how to correctly operate the power washers.

OSHA fines Wilmar pipe manufacturer for excessive accidents
Minneapolis Star Tribune - A drainage pipe manufacturer based in Willmar, Minn., will pay $75,000 for having an excessive number of serious safety violations at an Illinois plant, government officials announced Wednesday. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration said it fined Prinsco Inc. after an investigation revealed 14 serious hazards at its Chatsworth, Ill., factory. The plant is one of nine factories in seven Midwestern states that make corrugated plastic drainage pipes.

The 40-worker facility was in violation for not having protective guards on radial and table saws, belts and corrugating machines. It was also cited for failing to identify emergency exits, provide guardrails and safe wooden ladders, and close unused openings in circuit breaker boxes.

In a statement, Tom Bielema, OSHA area director in Peoria, Ill., said, "Employers such as Prinsco that record a higher-than-average rate of days lost due to injuries demonstrate a need to re-evaluate their safety procedures."

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