Question Detail: My leg prosthesis broke causing me to fall and break 5 ribs. They want to know what I want but I don't know what to ask for.

Answer: Hire a lawyer who will have more information and be able to properly evaluate your claim. It makes little sense for a lawyer to try and completely explain the complexity of evaluating a personal injury case through the Internet. Evaluating a personal injury claim isn't like buying a jug of milk. It requires understanding the facts and the person involved. So when we get questions about valuing a person’s case it’s an impossible task and wrought with risks of giving the wrong advice.

Let me give you an example that should demonstrate the problem. Assume I own a 2004 Ford F-250 truck with a plow and want to sell it and I ask you what’s it worth and at what price should I list it? You can’t answer that because you don’t know enough about it. I haven’t told you about its condition, whether it’s ever been in an accident, how many miles are on it, the condition of the tires and paint job and for what it’s been used. Without essential facts about the truck’s history you would not be able to answer my question and that’s why I can’t answer yours. 

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