Question Detail: I fell from a broken chair in a restaurant. My back was sprained and now I have to go to therapy thrice a week. I have to pay over $5,000 for the doctor's bill. How much will I get in after a lawsuit?

Answer: Fifteen years ago I represented a worker who sold furniture and was injured by sitting on a chair that broke. He ended up having multiple spine surgeries and the case settled for $175,000. For whatever reason the facts bring a smile to some, but not to the person who is injured because the spine injuries are long lasting and the disability along with loss of earning power very real. As you’re your question about value, I’m not sure I can answer your question. Valuing your case with so few facts would not be possible to state without knowing the facts that establish liability and damages. Every tort case is made up of four elements which are backed by fact; you've provided no details about how the accident occurred, who was liable, who was at fault, how much they were at fault; your own fault, if any; and the amount of damages including whether you have surgery, if there is any permanent impairment, restrictions, loss of wage, impairment of future earning capacity, pain, suffering and future medical expense. Without know more and a credible doctor's opinion on the medical issues it's not possible to state the amount.

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