What Does It Mean To Be A Trial Lawyer?

Attorney Steve LombardiI've been issued a challenge and I gladly accept! Ah, a quote from Harry Philo and an alleged challenge to my abilities to "blawg" around a quote. The only thing better would be climbing or sitting with a Manhattan at the edge of a lake listening as loons call out a tremolo.
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The Challenge: How Would I Blog Using This quote?

"Trial lawyers must accept the challenge to resolve the contradictions in the system and move it forward to greater responsiveness not just to the needs of victims but to the needs of the society to avoid injury and death."

I am constantly reminded and have to teach my clients that justice and fairness is not the same thing. Justice is about applying facts to law, laws that were not written for one client's case. The law does not care that my current client ends on a happy note. Laws are written to advance the needs of society while allowing a band aid to be placed on the current litigant’s wounds. Fairness is what each client seeks. Fairness to any single client is about getting what they want. And all clients want something a little different.

The Legal System Is Not About Fairness

But system fairness has little to do with outcome and much to do with a process to treat everyone the same. Happiness is simply a byproduct of the system treating them without prejudice. Happiness is what a trial lawyer strives to give his clients. We use the agnostic system to try and achieve an individual client’s happiness.

What clients need to know and what my clients know is that I care about them as people. I represent people, real people with real problems. And while I don't promise to tell every client what they want to hear, I do promise to tell them what they need to hear. I will, if that is what you want, give you your day in court. And that is my promise to you.

Attorney Katrina PhillipOur Promise

As an officer of the court my promise is to be honest and professional while zealously representing my clients. And to society my promise is to employ this legal system that I am privileged to practice in to make what you do safer for your family and your children. That is the promise I made to my children and that I continue to make to this next generation.

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