Hospitals and Insurance Companies Own Your Elected Officials

For the past three days I have covered the workers' compensation and the medical malpractice bills currently before the Iowa legislature. If you've read the articles you should have some idea of what I'm talking about. If not, then read the articles listed below.

And what does all this mean to working Americans?

It means that big business, corporate America, owns the legislative branch. It means that our elected officials are more than just beholden to those making campaign contributions. It means corporate America owns the legislature.

That’s why when you question elected officials their answer is always just the party-line and nothing more. It is why the Congressmen and Congresswomen simply repeat what the Party told them to say. Talking points is what they call them.

The goal of our elected officials is to say nothing that can be used against them. Just get re-elected. 

Steve Lombardi
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