I recall blogging about this accident and I believe the worker fell into the water tower, not outside of it. I could be wrong but I don't think so. Allow me to do a quick search, and yes I did blog about it on May 7, 2009 and I see there was another incident on November 9, 2008 as well as March 25, 2009 in Dallas Center.

The biggest question I had was about fall arrest or fall protection gear. This is a common problem, so common that it makes OSHA's top ten list. [Let's Look At The Top Ten OSHA Fines | Lombardi Law Firm ] Where was his lanyard? Was one given to him? Was he properly trained? Who was supervising? Why didn't the supervisor stop the work? Working inside a water tower has elements of two kinds of claims I see quite often. The first type requires fall protection (fall arrest gear) and the second confined space safety procedures. If the worker falls into the water then he may need someone close by to pull him out and to a place of safety. Without seeing the drawings of what the inside of that water tower looks like I'm at a loss to say more. Just know this is the kind of accident that is preventable if the right safety procedures are followed.

I've got many posts about fall protection on the Lombardi Law Firm site and also on The Iowa Edict.


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