Question: What happens if my husband was given wrong pills in the right bottle?

Question Detail: My husband is a 10-year liver transplant. A pharmacy put the wrong pills in his refill. I questioned the pharmacist at the time of pick up as the pills were significantly different from normal. I was blown off with a pat answer, "it is a different manufacture." When he went in for his annual labs it was discovered that the anti rejection medication was not in his system that is vital for the liver to not reject. When the transplant clinic called to ask why he wasn't taking his medication, we Googled the "new" pills and discovered there were not the vital medication. I had to go to the local pharmacy to file a complaint and get the correct pills. He went over 20 days without his anti-rejection medication that is vital to him plus he was taking 12x the dosage for the pills he was given and had the negative side effects. We don't know at this time the total damage this will cause but are very scared off it. The pharmacy that made the mistake is back tracking very fast and keeps saying they want to help. Should I involve a lawyer now or wait to see how bad it is? What I really want is the pharmacist and his technician to be fired immediately before they do any more damage to someone else.

Answer: This "mistake" is potentially very serious and with extremely serious consequences. But who made the mistake? What exactly was their mistake? After all this is a human error, but who is the human? The pharmacy or the supplier? You don't really know who is liable. That will require some investigation.

And what about the extent of his damages? You readily admit you don’t know the extent of the damages, but the potential for a lost chance of survival seems be a pretty big claim that needs to be investigated. While you wait to determine the answer to that question there is the emotional toll; in the law referred to as emotional distress damages.

Your claim may be too early to know but the statute of limitations is a concern to any personal injury lawyer. So you need to act now and find a good personal injury lawyer. If you need help finding one contact our office and we will refer. Good luck.

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