Woman Killed in Adair County Accident 

Many single car and truck accidents are rollovers. A rollover is simply a one vehicle accident where the vehicle turns sideways at some point and then begins to roll over on its side and keeps on going; rather than end to end. Many of us have had the experience while driving on ice or snow and on a hard flat smooth surface. It's when the vehicle gets off the hard flat surface that things start to go very wrong. You really want to have your seatbelts on when the truck begins to flip.

Here is today's news item that demonstrates this type of an accident.

Jaime Lynn Mauldin, 32, of Anita, was killed when her 1995 Ford F150 pickup truck rolled as she travelled southbound on Nevada Avenue. Mauldin lost control of the truck as she travelled on the gravel road, and the truck rolled before coming to a rest. Mauldin was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

The reports of the accident are unclear as to why Ms. Mauldin lost control of her pickup truck. There are many possible reasons including speed, too fast; wrong tires, pulled the truck one way and then the other; washboard, incorrect road maintenance; driver impairment, only a possible cause; a blown tire, a lack of basic maintenance; a hole in the road, caused a sudden jolt; distracted driving; a deer runs out or even a problem with the steering.

And this reminds me of why I am always telling my clients “we need to get out right after the collision to see what is there, to look at the truck, measure the tire tread, identify mixed tire brands and to photograph the scene.” Katrina and I write a lot about accidents that cause a death. I have investigated over a thousand in the past 35 years so when I see an accident like this I can think of ten different possible causes. And so when someone calls to ask for our help identifying the cause, it will take some time to evaluate the poosible causes and then to see which ones have the greatest support in the evidence. 

Which brings us to the next point, insurance

Passengers should never rely on the driver's insurance company to protect their right to recover compensation. In single car/truck accidents anyone who was injured must do their own investigation. The at-fault driver's insurance company is not your advocate. The adjuster may be friendly, but that doesn't make them your friend.

Onward we march. We have a lot of clients with serious problems. Good luck on investigating yours. 

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