On August 26th 2009 a high speed chase ended in a crash leaving the female passenger inside with minor injuries. The Iowa State Patrol saw a van speeding along University Ave. near 13th street at about 2:30 a.m. The Trooper, John Salesbury, tried to pull the van over but the driver refused and a high speed chase proceeded. The chase lasted for about 3 minutes and ended on Chautauqua Parkway when the van crashed into a utility box. The driver of the van fled the scene as the Deputies were assisting the female passenger inside as the van was on fire. The as of yet unidentified man now has several warrants out for his arrest to go with the medical bill he will be receiving for the injuries suffered by the woman in the crash.

One has to wonder what makes a person run when confronted with a situation like this news item. Experience tells us people who run have done something wrong, engaged in criminal activity, stole the car, have warrants out for their arrest or else have immigration problems that make them avoid arrest. The best way to handle this problem is not to keep running but to schedule time with a lawyer who handles criminal matters. Todd Miler writes for this blog on occasion and handles criminal matters and would be one such person to discuss your options. Running is an endless lifestyle where you’re always looking over your shoulder.

Steve Lombardi
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