Wearing a helmet can save your life and your brain.

Some people don't agree with me, and some riders argue with me over their "right to not wear a helmet". But this issue is too important for me to concede rights should in this instance trump common sense. You have only one brain and it's like Jell-O, which is not a very resilient material that can sustain a high speed crash. Jell-O is no match for concrete and metal that the head comes into contract with during a crash. Brains don't just repair like a broken bone does. When the brain gets damaged, it doesn't just go back to whatever normal is for you. It no longer works very well and your entire life is changed and not for the better. 
Results of Brain Damage: 
1.    Forgetfulness 
2.    Inability to think clearly. 
3.    Walk around in a fog. 
4.    Unable to do the work you're used to doing and job loss follows. 
5.    Marriages fail and divorce follows. 
6.    Bankruptcy 
7.    You're always tired, agitated and restless. 
8.    Can't sleep well anymore. 
9.    Can't rest or relax. Your brain never rests. 
10.  You don't think clearly anymore. 
You can't think things through in order or in sequence. You can be as mad at me as you want about my position; you can refuse to allow me to help you when you get in a motorcycle accident and need a lawyer. Frankly that is your right. But it still won't change my position that everyone should be wearing a motorcycle helmet. 
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