VW Emissions Scandal Caused by Employees

As the emissions scandal continues for Volkswagen, the U.S. CEO, Michael Horn, now states that it was not a company decision, but rather caused by the unilateral actions of a few employees.  These employees allegedly made the decision to alter the emissions software in diesel VW cars since 2009 so that it did not register the actual emissions output.  The false output readings tricked U.S. emissions tests with regard to harmful chemicals.  Some sources say VW began to use what are called "defeat devices" when they discovered that an expensive new engine would not pass U.S. emissions tests.  While some at VW, like Michael Horn, deny knowledge at the higher corporate levels, many do not believe this denial and point to past inconsistencies in emissions tests that were explained away.  The lawsuits are just beginning for VW as customers learn more about the cover-up and six-year emissions scandal.

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