If you’ve had a colonoscopy done at the Miami Veterans Affairs Healthcare System, South Florida, then you need to be aware there are concerns the equipment may have been contaminated and you will need to be tested for hepatitis and HIV.  About 6,000 to 10,000 veterans may have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis. The problem had to do with the technicians not following the manufacturer’s recommendation concerning replacing certain parts per procedure.

One Vet tested showed positive results for HIV. The Veterans Dept. would not tell CNN where the patient who tested positive was treated where he contracted the virus.

There was also a contamination problem at Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center in Augusta, GA. Over 1,000 vets were sent warnings and offered free testing for possible infection issues related to the ears, nose and throat clinic.

A video tape is available on the CNN Video site.  Judy

VA looking into possible contamination at medical facilities, CNN report from Miami, FL.

Possible contamination at VA facilities sparks call for inquiry, Veterans Today

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