Brazilian authorities conclude a collision between two planes in 2006 that killed 154 people was the cause of the American pilots of a small jet along with the air traffic controllers in Brasilia, Brazil. Although the report concludes the American pilot must have inadvertently turned off the jet’s transponder, into a stand-by position, the pilot denies he did so.

“The transponder, according to the official account, was incorrectly handled by Lepore and Paladin. The mistake consisted in turning off the equipment seven minutes after the Legacy over flew Brasília. The device was turned on again only three minutes after the fatal collision, when the US pilots noticed that the transponder was in the stand-by mode.”

For more information see Emerson Luiz, December 7, 2008 news report. The full report will not be published until victims are given the opportunity to review it on December 10, 2008.

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