It has been a busy couple of weeks for our old friend Javontae. He now has a new last name, Gowdy and he wasn’t delivering to a Walmart. Lately he is at the FedEx terminal unloading a WalMart semi-truck when his forklift overturns making him into a quadriplegic. And remember the landlord Mr. Jackson? Mr. Jackson’s story has been embellished; it seems his make-believe wife now has breast cancer, which justifies his need to get the rent money from Po’ Po’ Javontae. Without the rent money Po’ Javontae is going to the nursing home.

In the last two weeks we’ve been contacted by lawyers in Miami, Houston, Long Beach, Bakersfield and Everett (Washington).

I ended up speaking to a detective in the Sheriff’s Office in Napoleonville.  He’s apparently received a number of calls recently about Mr. Growdy.  He says that the address that I had previously seen on your blog is an abandoned home.  They found a letter in the mailbox from a lawyer declining representation (I suppose Devonte/Jaevontae didn’t need to retrieve that one).  It seems their efforts to track this guy down have been unrewarded, and unfortunately I had no information that would aid them in their quest. Name Withheld, Houston, Texas

This guy is a rascal so be on the lookout. If the deal appears too good to be true, it usually is.

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