It has been several months since I last reported about the Fed-Ex/WalMart paraplegic scam that is being played across the country. My last article was on March 4, 2014. Since then we have received emails from lawyers in Englewood-New Jersey, Memphis-Tennessee, Augusta- Georgia, Irving-Texas, Tulsa-Oklahoma, Woodbridge-New Jersey along with lawyers from Sacramento and Encino, California.

The basic scam remains the same. He is still working for FedEx driving a forklift and tips over after falling off a ramp not secured by a Walmart employee. He is using different names, like Troy Williams and Devante Gowdy. The telephone numbers (remember these are burner phones) he gives out have been 601-260-2807 and 985-498-8832. Mr. Jackson continues to be his favorite landlord and he’s using May 22, 2013 as the date of injury.

Every lawyer who has contacted us says the same thing, “Thank you for saving us a bunch of wasted time. It is a great post.

As one lawyer asked, "So why hasn’t the ABA Journal picked up on this and your posts and why hasn’t your blog made it into the Top 100 ABA Blogs?" I have no way of understanding the politics of the ABA and those who run it. You will have to ask them. I guess Donald Sterling shouting at his wife in court is more important than whether hundreds of lawyers waste thousands of hours being scammed. Go figure!

Resources about this continuing scammer:

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