Our client called; she went to the unemployment office today to provide proof of looking for a new position at the hospital where she previously worked, but since the workers’ compensation claim has been fired. There is a rule that states you cannot apply to more than 1 position at 1 place of employment within 6 weeks - that the "efforts to find a job" must entail looking for positions at multiple places, not multiple positions in ONE place.

So the lady at the office informed our client, she may receive a letter ending her unemployment benefits because she didn't follow the rules.  She is now receiving $235.45 per week in unemployment benefits.

The woman also said that if she is offered a job with at least $370/week pay, she must take it or will not receive unemployment for failure to take a "reasonable paying job."

So our client is upset and worried her unemployment will stop.  She has one application out, but it is for part-time work.  She asked if she should take a part-time job, and/or a lesser paying job than the hospital, and how either of those scenarios would affect her WC case.

I told her that for now she just needs to continue to apply to jobs, whatever she can find, and see what options she has if she receives any offers.

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