Polly Williams, a former full-time employee with DM Services, Inc., quit her position due to reduced hours.  She applied for and received unemployment insurance benefits. The employer appealed the decision of the fact-finder that made the initial determination of eligibility, but the administrative law judge affirmed the decision to grant the claimant benefits.  Ms. Williams worked for her employer for eight years, working 40 hours a week during that time.  In May 2014, the employer informed Ms. Williams and others that their hours would be reduced unless they met newly established criteria.  Ms. Williams' hours were reduced to 26 hours per week.  She was given no option for more hours since she did not meet the new criteria that the employer created.

Ms. Williams quit her position in order to seek full-time employment elsewhere so she could maintain her previous level of income.  She is eligible for unemployment benefits under Chapter 871 of the Iowa Administrative Code section 24.26(1), stating that there is a voluntary quit with good cause attributable to the employer when there is a change in the original contract of hire.  A change in the contract of hire may include any change that would jeopardize the worker's safety, health or morals, or any substantial change in the type of work available. A voluntary quit with good cause attributable to the employer allows an employee to remain eligible for unemployment benefits.

If you quit your job for what you believe to be good cause and you are now seeking unemployment benefits, call us today so we can advise you on the proper steps you need to take in order to protect your rights.

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