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Former Army Sgt. Hayleigh Lynn Perez is written about in the Metro Section of this week’s Des Moines Sunday Register. [Vets face residency confusion at state schools - Army News ] As you can see the same story made the Army Times. My stepdaughters faced this same issue when they moved from California to permanently reside in Iowa. They were accepted at both the University of Iowa and at Iowa State University. Having just moved to Iowa the assumption was they were attending school as out-of-state residents. We beat them at this residency game. Here is how.

You’re residency is anywhere you intend to permanently reside. To place yourself in the position of proving residency you can do several things. Here is the list.

  1. Sign a lease or buy a house. Produce the signed lease or deed to the university.
  2. Apply for an Iowa driver’s license. Produce your driver’s license to the university admissions office.
  3. Register to vote in Iowa. Produce the voter registration card to the admission’s office.
  4. File taxes and pay income taxes as an Iowa resident. Produce, at least part of your income tax return or receipt for paying money to the State of Iowa.
  5. Register your cars in an Iowa county.
  6. Pay the annual taxes to register a car or truck in Iowa. Make a copy of the vehicle registration.
  7. Pay the annual property taxes to any county in Iowa.
  8. Register to buy a gun in Iowa. Take the gun registration form and provide a copy.
  9. Buy the local newspaper and have it delivered to your home.
  10. Lease a safe deposit box at a local bank. Produce a copy of the lease.
  11. Produce the bill to a moving company that permanently moved all your belongings to Iowa.
  12. File a change of address card with the local post office. After you register your address with the local U.S. Post office, then for a buck send a letter to the local post master asking for confirmation of your mailing address.
  13. Make sure any letters you write to the university are addressed to the Iowa address.
  14. Obtain a letter from your employer confirming you are working in Iowa.
  15. Buy homeowner’s insurance and provide them with a copy of the insurance policy showing your address.
  16. Buy renter’s insurance and provide a copy of the policy to the university.
  17. Does your passport have an address of your residence? Apply for a new one if it's under the old resident address.
  18. Save envelopes from mail being sent to you.
  19. Do you belong to any clubs or organizations with a membership card.
  20. Use your military ID card if it shows a home address.

Of course some of this applies to your parents, assuming you are a child. In other words get your parents to assemble the necessary documentation. Sgt. Hayleigh isn’t and I don’t’ blame her for suing. It’s a money grab game with these universities. The university owes Hayleigh and her husband Jose an apology. If they won’t do it I will, sorry our mistake. You put your butt on the line for this country and here is how it pays you back; absolutely ridiculous.

By-the-way Sgt. cute kid!

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