The largest Medicare fraud scheme has been exposed by the Medicare Fraud Strike Force and the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Of the 243 people arrested across the country, 46 of those are doctors, nurses, and medical professionals involved in various schemes to defraud the government health care system.  The perpetrators submitted fake billings in the amount of $712 million in total, and many of the schemes took place in Florida, a hot-bed for Medicare fraud.  Doctors billed for services that were often unnecessary and/or never even provided to the patient.  In Michigan, a doctor prescribed unnecessary narcotics to patients to generate false billings and the patients then became addicted to the medication.  The Justice Department has arrested over 2,300 people for Medicare fraud since 2007, with false billings of over $7 billion.

To read the Justice Department's Report, click here.

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