Three patients underwent routine medical scope examinations at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, CA and each contracted a deadly antibiotic-resistent bactera.  Two of the patients ultimately died.  The surviving patient and the families of the deceased patients have filed lawsuits against the hospital and the manufacturer of the medical scope, Olympus Corporation.  The suit alleges that bacteria was caused by the contaminated medical scope not being cleaned properly between uses.  The lawsuits allege negligence and product liability. UCLA hospital and Cedars-Sinai reported outbreaks from the scopes previously, but Huntington Memorial did not report the outbreaks at its facility citing patient privacy.  Huntington Memorial asserts that it followed FDA guidelines and that the outbreaks occurred despite their efforts.

Attorney Lombardi's Comments: For patients, the public and a jury the answer should be "so what if you followed the FDA guidelines, those guidelines were deficient and two of your patients died. Aren't you suppose to be the experts? Then if you are what is wrong with your sterilization system and why did this happen?" Get out your checkbook.

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