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As equally inept as any of the CEOs of the major Wall Street firms that he gave $700 Billion of our money to, we continue to pay him $400,000.00. $400,000. is the amount President Bush is being paid each year during his lifetime. After screwing-up this country beyond description or comprehension he continues to get paid. He robbed the U.S. Treasury and still we, as a country, are too stupid to claw-back what is rightfully ours.


Like the CEO’s on Wall Street George Bush was a complete and utter failure. He and his Administration destroyed the hopes and dreams of an entire generation and probably several to come. We need justice. We need to claw-back those assets which are ours and necessary to prop up the Treasury. The U.S. Congress needs to eliminate the unnecessary expense of paying any U.S. President that no longer holds office. Especially the money being paid to George W. Bush. We need to make his retirement as uncomfortable as the other retirees. As the President he was in charge and failed to carry out his job in any way that can be measured as a success.


I don’t know about you but I want my share back. I never voted for him. I always saw him for what he is; an ignorant man who could surround himself with evil and who cloaked himself in a fragile puffed up ego. And that from a Republican. Imagine that? I want my money back an so should you. Tell Congress to eliminate his pay.


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U.S. Congress

Dear Mr. or Mrs. Congressman:

I live in your district and voted for you in this last election. I realize that wasn’t the smartest thing to do but I’m learning. When you’re not too busy screwing-up this country I wonder if you could do something that actually preserved it for the next generation. As you know the U.S. Treasury is near bankrupt and the U.S. dollar has so little value that even Zimbabwe’s currency is looking pretty valuable. If you don’t remember it was George W. Bush who presided over this last Administration that caused the Republic to be robbed and squandered.

With all the talk about claw-back provision in Wall Street CEO bonuses that will be paid, it got me thinking about the $400,000.00 we are paying to GeeDubya each and every year. Let’s claw it back.

I would like you to introduce a bill to eliminate George W. Bush’s U.S. President retirement pay so he too can feel the pain of being a real American.

Very truly yours,



The Fool That Voted for you and him




And if you’re wondering about why the rest of the World is leaving us, just watch what they saw over the past eight years.




Steve Lombardi
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