Trains and Pedestrians, A Painful Case

Join me this afternoon for a walk with James Joyce. This is to honor all of those people who die from collisions with trains at train-road-crossings in Iowa and around the nation. In some ways they are preventable but in other ways not so easily prevented. A Painful Case is a short story raising speculation of whether drink, depression or just distraction caused the woman to be out walking across the rails. It's really a wonderful story filled with raw emotions that undulate as if we are on a roller coaster ride at Rocky Point.

This is not unlike the emotions you will go through when trying a case. As prepared as you think you are, you will find out just how difficult it is to control your emotions as the trial unfolds. You do not control the trial so much as IT controls you. As one of my mentors said in response to my comments about my adrenaline level, "Steve in trial work you will experience the highest highs and the lowest lows. Learn not to get too excited about your wins or your losses." Mr. Dutton couldn't have been more accurate. So join James Joyce as he explores Dublin with Mr. James Duffey's not-so-simple life in Ireland, a trial of sorts.

Steve Lombardi
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