I don’t know maybe people have spring fever or maybe it’s just we are all trying to do too much each day; or maybe there is just no satisfactory answer. These past few weeks have been devilish in Iowa for train crossing accidents involving parents and their children. First there was the mother with a car load of kids near Batavia. And now it is a father dying and his son hospitalized after a train-car accident near Boone. The latest has the father driving his car right into the side of a passing train. 

What is going on out there? Why aren’t people following the rule known as stop, look and listen? With rail traffic picking up to transport grain, oil and natural gas liquids from fracting shale we all need to pay attention when attempting to cross railroad tracks. And conductors need to exercise more caution as well. They need to blow the horn before crossing intersections and to follow the laws by not blocking railroad crossings for extended periods of time.

These two accidents are very sad and preventable. So what do you say, shall we follow the rule to stop, look and listen? 

Here are the latest news stories for both accidents.

Train hits father and son on way to school
A westbound Union Pacific train hit a car in Boone County Friday morning. The Boone County sheriff said a father and son were on the way to school when the crash happened. The son told deputies that his dad just didn't see the train coming. There are crossing signs, but no lights or crossbars at the crossing. The father was flown by air ambulance to Mercy Medical Center in Des Moines, while the son was taken to Boone County Hospital. Deputies said both are believed to have non-life-threatening injuries.

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