Train collision near Durant, Iowa

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A 51-year-old man having just left Durant Iron and Metal on Highway 927 was heading north, failed to yield for an oncoming train and from the right it struck his truck on the passenger side. There were two passengers in the truck and all were injured but expected to survive the crash. The passengers would have a claim against the driver’s insurance company but would be limited by the per person per accident coverage. If he didn’t have insurance or have enough coverage they might file claims against their own insurance companies. Durant Iron & Metal is at 2226 Highway 927 West, Durant, Iowa. It’s a recycler serving Iowa and Illinois.


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Patrol says 3 people hurt in collision when pickup fails to yield ...
The Republic
The Iowa State Patrol says the accident was reported a little before 8:30 ... the pickup had left Durant Iron and Metal on Iowa Highway 927 and was headed ...
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