Train Accident Caused by Tall Corn Blocking the View?

Wednesday, September 30th, about noon, Edward R. Stevens, age 76, was driving down a country road south of Ohio 103, in Bloomville, when Stevens was hit by a westbound Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway train, according to Bucyrus Telegraph Forum news source. It was reported that at this crossing on Schwemley Road, there is no warning signal or gates. One of Steven’s neighbors, Donald Rayoum, said, “When you are driving north and the corn is grown up like it is now, you cannot see if a train is coming.” Steven was driving a 1991 Ford pick-up and was not wearing a seat belt. Investigation is still underway.

Of course in Iowa we know the corn is there, but then again so does the train's engineer. How about that horn to signal the train's approach to the intersection?

Steve Lombardi
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