Takata Corporation manufacturers air bags used by many different car companies.  Toyota has five models that used a specific air bag now being recalled in over 778,000 vehicles.  The problem was discovered by Takata after testing air bags and finding that in consistently high humidity weather, the air bags can rupture, sending shrapnel into the passenger compartment and injuring people.  The Toyota models recalled due to this air bag issue include: 2002-2005 Lexus SC; 2003-2005 Corolla; 2003-2005 Matrix; 2002-2005 Sequoia; and 2003-2005 Tundra.  The recall also affects General Motors model 2003-2005 Pontiac Vibe.  However, the recall is limited to vehicles purchased in high humidity regions (South Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, Saipan and American Samoa).  Altogether, 4.2 million vehicles are affected by the recall.  Earlier this month, a medical examiner declared that a woman died after a car accident deployed the car's air bags, which then ruptured and particles flew into her neck causing deadly injuries. Takata Corporation and Toyota are adamantly urging customers with high-risk vehicles to get them fixed right away.

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