Three infants died this past week after being suffocated while sleeping with an adult. This just isn't something an adult should ever do, not ever. If they are rolled onto, infants have no way to free themselves. Another dangerous environment for infants are poorly designed Cribs. 

Safety Guides for and about Cribs.

I litigated crib design cases that led to infant deaths in the 80’s and 90’s. I hoped after the last one, a crib bumper rail case, that it would be the last one I would ever read or hear about. Several cases in which we represented the parents involved suffocation by bumper rails and another involved the child putting its head through the rails, reaching down and pushing on the foot release mechanism. All resulted in a death, all were accidental and all were entirely preventable. Industry standards should have eliminated these cases. 

What parents need to realize is that cribs are dangerous and can create a deadly environment for infants and toddlers.

Safety Guides for and about Cribs.

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has an entire section on crib safety and before placing your baby inside of one you should become familiar with what risks certain cribs have as part of the design. Go to the CPSC site and perform the following search: “cribs”. It is that simple.

There is also a section on Kids and Babies. And one on Safety Guides.

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