This high school student shouldn’t need a lawyer

Valley TigersI signed up to answer questions about law and I probably answer 25 to 50 questions every week. Some are pure lawyerly, still others my role as a former soccer coach and father seeps through. This is one where the old coach and dad just can’t seem to be avoided. Here is the question.

Question: Is it legal for a 16 year old high school to sign their name to something at school without parental consent? I am a minor who signed my name to a statement I made when a school official asked me to but I didn't have parental consent. Is that legal and does that make the statement void?

Answer: Well what was it you signed and how was it to be used? A teacher can ask you to sign your homework. A teacher can ask you to sign an exam paper. So what sort of statement are you asking me, as a lawyer, for advice about? If you need to lawyer-up in high school, son you’re on the wrong path in life.

If this statement to which you refer is a statement against interest that you're concerned can be used against you criminally, then I’d say you’re learning from the wrong people.

Ask yourself this, what are you involved with that teachers are asking you to sign a document that would concern you if your parents weren't present? What the heck are you learning in school? Are you there to learn or to run a criminal enterprise? Are you there to learn how to earn a living or attend college and succeed? Or are you there wasting your time? Get a clue; every day you make a decision about whether you will be a success or a failure. Only you make that decision, not your parents, your teachers or anyone else. You and you alone determine success or failure. If you're a loser it's because that is the choice you made. Don't blame it on anyone but yourself.

So tell you what, the lawyer in me would give you one answer and the coach and father quite another.

Before you ask this lawyer for free legal advice, go figure it out why at 16 you even need a lawyer's advice. Answering that question would be a better use of your time.

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