Were ethics or politics involved in removing a Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice?

Former state Supreme Court judge fined $50K over objectionable emails, but keeps pension - Thought Police are active.

Private emails can cause a judge to lose his job and so can they cause you to lose yours. Where does this begin and end?

I may not like what he writes, but these are his private thoughts and in this case there is nothing connecting the dots between his private thoughts and judicial temperament or the opinions he wrote. Opinion link. Are thoughts enough to be the basis of removal?

Judges in Pennsylvania are elected and then retained by a yes-no retention elections. The seven justices of the Supreme Court, 15 judges of the superior court, nine judges of the commonwealth court and 439 judges of the court of common pleas are selected in an identical manner, all according to BallotPedia, the Encyclopedic of American Politics.

Canon’s Enforced

Canon 2A: Judges should respect and comply with the law and should conduct themselves at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the Judiciary.

Canon 5A: Avocational Activities. Judges may write, lecture, teach, and speak on non-legal subjects, and engage in the arts, sports, and other social and recreational activities, if such avocational activities do not detract from the dignity of their office or interfere with the performance of their judicial duties.

UNEMPLOYMENT AND RETIREMENT BENEFITS: This is another one of those cases demonstrating how the employer’s computer and the use of email is used to fire employees when they are no longer wanted, needed or simply get old. When I speak with insurance adjusters of bill collectors and they warn me the call is being recorded for quality assurance and training purposes I warn them this is not really true. The call is recorded so the HR Department can later use those recordings to justify firing the employees, deny them unemployment benefits or retirement benefits. 

And so now I wonder could a judge or a hearing officeer be fired for writing steamy romance novels? In today's world, one ever quite knows the answer. That uncertainty adds to the angst of the American culture that strives to be politically correct in every way.

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