Single Vehicle Car or Truck Accident and the Seriously Injured Person

Let us assume you have been involved in a single vehicle accident. You could either be a passenger or the driver. And let us further assume you are seriously injured, the insurance has been completely paid out, your injuries making the injured person a quadriplegic, paraplegic, incomplete quadriplegic or the injured person is your spouse and they have significant brain damage.

As you know the medical and rehabilitation or nursing home bills just keep coming in, Medicare doesn’t cover all of the medical expenses and social security isn’t enough to live on. So what can a lawyer do for you to improve your recovery?

Perhaps nothing, but that isn’t the answer you want to hear. Most lawyers you call will politely tell you there is nothing they can do. That advice is limited by what they know about personal injury accidents. Give us a shot at your case by calling us to see if there is anything we can do to get additional recovery.

And if your injuries are serious enough come to us first so we can evaluate all of your claims and avoid being pushed up the statute of limitations. We reject cases because of not having enough time to properly investigate the accident. The farther out from the accident date the less likely we will be to take your case. That is simply a matter of the evidence having been destroyed and not properly preserved. Without evidence even good cases can be destroyed. So heed this warning, if your country lawyer isn’t doing anything to gather and to preserve the evidence in your case, you need to consider switching law firms before it is too late.

Call me, Steve Lombardi, and let us talk about your case. 

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