Denied Workers Comp Claims in IowaHe was in his fifties. He had been a union worker his entire adult life. The jobs he was assigned were all hard work over long hours. Many times his shift lasted for ten to twelve hours. His hands looked like the hands of a common laborer. His skin was rough and calloused, from years of working with stone, concrete, brick and metal. Chipping concrete, grinding for hours on end, digging in the dirt and mud, sanding and working with hand tools of every kind. There was nothing he would not do to prove his worth to the company.


And then it all started to change. He got hurt. It started out as back discomfort, but over time, it became more and more painful. Some days he could barely drag himself out of bed and then to work. By the work day’s end the excruciating pain made even getting into his pickup truck nearly impossible.

Then the pain extended beyond just the lower back; tingling and numbness appeared down the right leg. It made walking difficult and his balance became unpredictable. It made life nothing more than an exercise in misery management.

Now he was getting scared. So he talked with this union representative about his options.

The union rep. pretty much threw him under the bus, saying only that the union couldn't help in this instance, that it was a matter for work. comp. to handle.


One day in particular, he knew this was the day when something had to change. He was not getting better, it was getting worse. And so this day, today, became the day when he would report the injury to his supervisor. He fully expected the supervisor to be sympathetic to his situation. After all, for over thirty years he’d been loyal to the company and now it was their turn to return the loyalty and 'do what was right'.

The supervisor first tried to talk him out of reporting the injury as a workers’ compensation claim. The supervisor encouraged him to “just turn it in on the health insurance.” He warned him this would not go over well with the supervisor’s supervisor. He mentioned how his back had hurt for several years and maybe this happened off the job. Everyone knew this was a work-related injury. So why the resistance?


It didn’t take long for this loyal worker to realize just how disloyal the company was going to be with him. His decision was clear.

He called us. He hired us on a contingent fee basis and even after being paid healing period benefits we were able to secure for him a settlement of $375,000.00 for the loss of future earning capacity.


When you get hurt at work, be nice, be cordial, but never let down your guard; because loyalty for an injured worker is a one-way street and at the end of the road is a bus. The supervisors, foremen and co-workers are all worried about their jobs, not yours. The only person with your interests in mind, is your lawyer.

If you are injured and they deny your claim, call us.


Call us early, call today. It costs nothing to speak with us. We use contingent fee agreements and advance all litigation expense. Our initial consultation is free. Call today, call now.


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