What is the Iowa Real Estate Lawyer blog? It is a blog written by a lawyer who is also a licensed real estate broker and who follows the law concerning Iowa sellers' duty to make disclosures under Iowa law, Chapter 558A.

We limit ourselves to doing two things: 1. reviewing disclosure statements and assisting homeowners to properly fill out and to make disclosures and 2. We review offers by potential buyers to assist sellers to maximize their sale price while limiting future liability.

How can you benefit from this service?

It’s necessary for the protection of sellers along with agents and brokers involved on the sell side. Real estate agents and brokers are not permitted to practice law unless they are a licensed attorney. Being licensed attorneys (and Steve is a licensed real estate broker) we can and will advise you about how to protect your equity.

If you are a seller and are interested in having us help you fill out the disclosure statement in a way to protect your equity or if as a seller you need legal advice to review the offer to buy contact either Katrina Schaefer of Steve Lombardi, Iowa real estate attorneys.

We practice state wide and can assist you without ever having to meet in person. You do not have to be in central Iowa. We can assist you from over the State of Iowa. 

Call now for immediate assistance by contacting the Lombardi Law Firm and ask for either Steve Lombardi or Katrina Schaefer. You will provide credit card information and be provided with forms and advice to more fully understand what is required of you. The forms you are being provided are woefully inadequate and can cause you problems after the sale takes place.


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