Many Questions Remain about the Firestone Worker Losing Arm in Machine

Details of the accident seem quite sketchy and it is never a good idea to assume anything about an accident without having complete details. The story out of KCCI-Channel 8 is Rescue crews: Plant worker lost arm in incident, Des Moines, Iowa. Attorney Lombardi has handled cases for people who have lost arms, legs, hands, fingers, toes and feet. These cases may include a workers’ compensation claim as well as a third party negligence action. The work the Lombardi Law Firm has done for Firestone workers is well known and our actions over the past thirty years speak for itself.

What will likely preserve the evidence is OSHA or IOSH that will investigate the accident scene, the machinery involved as well as photograph the relevant evidence.

Years ago a serious machine accident at the ADM Plant in Clinton resulted in a $650,000 settlement for the widow of the deceased worker. Lombardi said, “We took on that case and the only option outside of workers’ compensation was a gross negligence claim. Those are notoriously difficult, but the work we did lead to a six-figure settlement for our client.” She moved on in life to raise her children.

In another case an iron worker lost his leg and was well compensated for his injuries, going on to buy a business in his community and to build a fruitfully productive life with an ongoing stream of income. Lombardi continues, “In that case our client bought a tavern and grill which he continues to this day to operate in a profitable way. I was happy we could help him get his life back on track and to start a business where his only impediment was getting out of bed in the morning. When you own our own business people can’t discriminate against you. You earn what you earn and no one can interfere. We wish him well and continue to stay in touch with him.”

In a third case Attorney Lombardi assisted a high school student to obtain fair compensation when his finger was amputated during shop class. The saw did not have on the proper guard. Lombardi noted, “Taking what seemed like a small sum this student took my advice, learned how to invest in the stock market, did well and then started his own lawn care business. So you have a client with a bad situation who turns a bad into something good. We pride ourselves on making clients’ lives better than when they come in. It is a motto I learned in the Boy Scouts. We were taught to always leave the camp ground in better condition than when we arrived. I still do this today, only instead of a campground it is someone’s life.”

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