Question: Should the body shop pay to repaint my car?

Here are the facts as related to me. I took my truck to a glass shop to have the windshield replaced and they put tape over the top of the windshield when done. When the tape was taken off, the paint came off with it. It is factory paint and they say they are not responsible. I contacted their insurance and filed a claim but was told their deductible was more than the cost of repairs. How can I make them pay for the repair?

He further states: I got an estimate from [a second] local body paint shop and they said it was factory paint and that the first body shop used "Painters Tape " which turns to like super glue when it gets wet. They told me the glass shop should never have used that type of tape. The glass shop says "it's Painters Tape and isn't supposed to hurt paint. I always thought painters tape was used when you don't want paint to bleed through while applying paint.

My advice: You can sue the first body shop in small claim’s court assuming it will cost less than $5,000.00 to repair the faulty paint job. And when you do whoever told you the first shop used the wrong tape, will need to subpoena to the small claim hearing. That opinion is key to winning. Keep our firm in mind when you or your friends/family have a personal injury claim or workers' comp. claim. Also please like us on Facebook. On Facebook we are the IowaPILawyer and the IowaInjuryLawyer.

He replies: Thank you for your help and advice. And I will. 

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