DepositionsOn the Lombardi Law Firm website I cover how you should dress for a deposition. We write about the basic rules for both sexes and today we are going to list a dress code that I believe generally works. Every lawyer has his or her ideas about what might work for your case, so ask your attorney. You might even link to this page and send them an email asking if this is appropriate for your deposition.

One thing is clear, common sense rules. So, if you’re involved in a sexual harassment case and you show up looking like a seducer, your chance of winning just went south. If you’re the male accused of being the harasser and you come in wearing a pinkie ring, a diamond studded earring, winking at the female lawyer and with a gold neck chain that has the Italian horn I’d say, it ain’t working for me Poncho. My point is for you to think about your claim and how the way you dress, impresses or distracts.

If you dress for success isn’t it more likely people will award you monetary compensation for a wage loss or reduced earning capacity claim? Isn’t a loss of consortium claim more likely to be successful with a wife who looks like the church lady than a cougar who cheats on her husband? So let’s go over the ten rules.

Deposition Dress Code – The 10 Rules

1. Dress conservatively.

2. Clothes should be comfortable.

3. Clothes should be neat, clean and pressed.

4. Shoes should be conservative, clean and polished.

5. Underwear should be under, not over.

6. Cover any tattoos.

7. Hair should be neat, washed, trimmed and combed.

8. Clean and neat – shave.

9. Jewelry like a nun or Buddhist wears is better than Cher’s.

10. Cologne and perfume should be underwhelming, not overwhelming.

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It is permissible, but whether or not it's a good idea depends on the issues involved.
by Steve Lombardi December 1, 2013 at 10:26 PM
I wear prescription sunglasses all the time due to sensitivity to light, is it appropriate to wear them at a deposition?
by wayne costa November 29, 2013 at 04:55 PM
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