If you want to stay eligible for unemployment benefits, you have to abide by the guidelines set out by Iowa Workforce Development.  Contact them every week to confirm to them that you are eligible.  Look for jobs, and let IWD know you’re looking for jobs.  Are you earning any money? Tell IWD.  Change of address?  Let them know.  And above all, you need to be able, available, and looking for work.  Take a look at this excerpt from an Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commission decision discussing an employment benefits claim:

[Claimant] was offered but did not accept a sales job and has traveled to Mexico for two to three month visits twice since retirement. He is not actively seeking work. Gomez does not appear motivated to resume competitive, full time employment at present. His current state of unemployment is not necessarily indicative of his capacity to work.

If you’re receiving unemployment benefits and you’re offered suitable employment, you risk losing your benefits if you don’t take the job.  And if you’re going on vacations—especially ones as long as three months—you can bet that’s not a risk so much as a guarantee.

The unemployment benefits eligibility process is unavoidably complicated, and sometimes well-meaning people lose their benefits over elementary mistakes.  Don’t know how to stay eligible?  Need to know what “suitable employment” means?   I like to say to my clients, "Help me to help you." If we can help you call the Lombardi Law Firm to speak with attorneys Steve Lombardi and Katrina Schaefer. We can be reached at 515-222-1110 or by emailing us at [email protected] and [email protected] We look forward to your call.

Source. Decided October 18, 2011.

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