The #1 rule of staying eligible for Iowa unemployment benefits? Don’t be lazy

Iowa Workforce Development doesn’t allow just anyone to obtain unemployment benefits.  There are a good number of hoops claimants have to jump through, not just when they apply but throughout the entire period they claim benefits.  For any given week you claim benefits, you have to contact IWD and let them know that you’re still eligible.  You have to confirm to them that you are looking for jobs, and be prepared to explain to them how your search is going and what your goals are.   If IWD wants you to participate in a re-employment program, you have to do it, or risk being denied benefits.  There are many requirements.  Unemployment benefits are not for the lazy.

Here’s an excerpt from an arbitration decision of the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commission.  The claimant behaved in exactly the wrong way:

Despite remaining without active employment since August 1, 2008, claimant has made no effort to seek employment. Claimant has not done as much as peruse the newspaper or devote more than a cursory reading to his vocational report. Claimant has also failed to make any efforts to make himself more employable, namely pursuing his GED. When these actions, or inactions, are combined with concerns regarding credibility, the undersigned is left with the impression that claimant is not motivated to continued employment and rather is seeking substitute income.

Lesson learned: if you want unemployment benefits, you have to know that unemployment benefits are not a source of income for the lazy, but a means of helping the unemployed keep losses low while looking for jobs.  If you want to stay eligible, you need to seek employment.

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Source.  Decided August 30, 2012.

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