In Bastrop County, Texas, Noe Nino de Rivera attempted to break up a hallway fight between two girls at Cedar Creek High School.  The Bastrop County Sheriff's office sent Randy McMillan to the scene, where the fight had already been diffused.  The officer told Noe to step away, which he did willingly and with his hands raised.  However, the officer tasered Noe without cause.  Noe then fell to the ground and struck his head, causing a severe brain hemorrhage.  After Noe was on the floor unconscious, the officer proceeded to handcuff him.  Witnesses say that Noe did nothing wrong and was merely trying to help the situation.  School officials did not immediately call emergency medical assistance.  Eventually, help was contacted and Noe was taken to the hospital for immediate surgery, and he has been in a medically-induced coma since the incident on November 20.  Noe's mother, Maria Acosta, is suing the county, the officer, and the school district for her son's condition.  McMillan reportedly tasered another student one year ago, leading Maria Acosta to allege that this officer was a known danger his history was a foreseeable cause of Noe's injuries.  An investigation is underway.

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