If you are fired and your employer claims it is due to misconduct, there are still many ways you can be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Many clients come to us after being terminated and being denied unemployment benefits at a fact-finding interview.  Many other Iowa employees probably give up and assume they are not eligible if they receive the initial denial.  However, many cases of termination for misconduct can be successfuly appealed and you may be eligible for unemployment benefits.  Often, employers do not understand the Iowa Code and Iowa Administrative Code language that defines misconduct; they assume that anything unsatisfactory is "misconduct" and a basis for termination as well as a basis for denying unemployment benefits to the ex-employee.  This is often not the case, as Iowa law has very strict standards for what constitutes misconduct and if the employer fails to prove the circumstances surrounding the termination were in fact wrongdoing on the part of the employee, then the employee can easily be eligible for unemployment benefits.  If you were terminated for misconduct, call us today and we can help you win an appeal so that you may receive unemployment benefits.

Hello, I was fired for misconduct relating to a comment made to an employee. I lost my initial claim even though employer did not show. The situation was I asked a employee who was kissing his girlfriend out in their car to make sure I could see his face and her head. His face not visible as he was facing her in the car. I asked over a headset. Female did not hear but filed a complaint stating I said “hey just keep her head above the dash” I was terminated due to this. Is this considered sexual harassment or misconduct. I have never had any complaint by customer, vendor or employee ever in my history. What I said was a one time isolated instance. But I don’t understand why I lost. Is that really sexual harassment to ask two people one an employee to stop kissing in their car
by Nick June 26, 2019 at 08:36 PM
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