Here is the news item from Wendy, my research assistant.

Logan Kruse, 16, was killed in a crash that occurred around 2:55 p.m. on July 15th. Kruse was traveling northbound on Highway 182, just north of Inwood, when his car moved towards the shoulder of the road. He overcorrected and veered across the center, into the path of a semi driven by Dan Olson, 55, of Marshall, MN. Olson was transported to an area hospital and Kruse was pronounced dead at the scene.

So why does this accident interest me? Because it has to do with a potential claim against whichever highway department has the duty to maintain the shoulder. Is there such a claim in this case? Who knows, I don’t know, but if people aren’t told which claims potentially exist they will never learn why lawyers like to be called ASAP after an accident.

A side note, the semi-truck driver definitely has a claim against the driver who comes across the center line. We help Minnesota residents all the time. Call us if we can help you with your claim.

We’ve looked at the duty government has to maintain the shoulder to avoid large drop-offs that cause drivers to overcorrect. Did Mr. Kruse have this problem? We may never know.

I have noticed right after accidents like this the county or state road crews quickly head out to the location to fill in the drop-offs. Road repairs or destruction of evidence? You be the judge. I only know what I know. 

There was another "overcorrected" accident that happened in Iowa County. Here is Wendy's news item. 

Three Dead in Iowa County Accident - Three people are dead following an accident that occurred during the evening hours of June 30th in Iowa County. The crash occurred when a vehicle driven by Renee Jones swerved to the right and then overcorrected, crossing the center and colliding with an SUV driven by Kimberly Stevenson. Amongst the dead are Marilyn Coon, 42, Haley Cruse, 14, and Cherokee Niemann, 11.

All the passengers in this second accident in Iowa County have competing claims. They probably all need their own lawyers to avoid conflicts.  

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