Lombardi Law Firm - In this fight you need us in your corner! Call today.Police have recently used technology in new ways to piece together evidence in criminal investigations.  An ongoing murder trial charges a husband with the murder of his wife, and police were only able to file these charges because they were able to use the wife's Fitbit to track her movements prior to her death. 

The wife's movements, as shown on the Fitbit, were significantly different than what the husband told police regarding her activity prior to the murder.  Police also used activity on the wife's car key fob and Facebook, as well as the home alarm system, to piece together a story of events and activities the morning of the wife's murder, and the pieces did not fit with the husband's story. 

These pieces of technology allowed police to gather evidence they otherwise would not have been able to track and monitor.  Some critics of this use of technology say it is an invasion of privacy and laws should be put in place to restrict police access and use of personal data information that is automatically collected on so many devices we use today.  But for now, police across the country are finding new ways to gather evidence and clues in criminal investigations that allow them to file charges and make arrests they otherwise may never be able to without the proper evidence.

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