A Target customer in South Carolina was accidentally stuck with a hypodermic needle her daughter found in the Target parking lot in May 2014.  The woman tried to get the needle away from her 8-year old daughter that picked it up, but the woman was stuck with the needle in the palm of her hand.  She received extensive hospital treatment and tests to rule out contamination and/or prevent possible diseases.  The store offered the woman $750.00 in compensation, while the woman's attorney demanded $12,000.00.  After a jury trial, the jury ruled in favor of the woman and awarded over $4.6 million for her ordeal.  The woman's attorney said that Target's counteroffer prior to trial was unacceptable even though they tried to negotiate and simply be reimbursed for the medical bills and lost time from work for the woman and her husband, but he believes the jury was sending Target a message.  A spokesperson for Target said they find the award unreasonable and are considering post-trial motions and an appeal.  If the award stands, it will be the largest jury verdict in the South Carolina county.

This is the type of bull crap that should not be allowed. Who in the hell needs 4.6 million for something her own child did. Teach you're kid not you play with parking lot crap. Target didn't do anything at all and should not be responsible.
by Joey May 23, 2017 at 08:12 PM
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