The Supreme Court's ruling requiring every state to legalize gay marriage and recognize gay marriages that were performed in other states has the secondary result of now allowing gay divorces to proceed.  For many gay couples in the past decade, marriages that were performed in states that allowed it (Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa, etc.) were not recognized in the states where the couples lived, for example Georgia and Louisiana, among many others.  This meant that couples living in those states with marriages performed elsewhere could not get divorced because their home state didn't even recognize that they were married - no state-recognized marriage = no process to get divorced.  Now that every state is required to recognize every gay marriage, divorce is an option for all gay couples as well.  Many gay couples have been living in limbo waiting to get divorced but with no way out since couples can be married in a state where they do not live, but that state would not have jurisdiction to engage in divorce proceedings.  Divorce must be filed in the state where a couple is living for at least one year, and for purposes not related to getting a divorce.  Statistics show that the divorce rate among gay couples is the same as that of different-sex couples and the increase at the current moment is due solely to the fact that divorce is now legally allowed for all marriages.

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