I am in my 35th year of being in this legal business helping clients with their personal injury cases from accidents with cars, trucks and motorcycles on the public roads. I have lived in Polk and Black Hawk Counties. While I cannot say I have been in the 99 courthouses through Iowa’s 99 counties I have been in a majority of them. I have seen probably more personal injury than 95% of the lawyers in Iowa. These are sad times for many people and I will never get over some of the fatal crashes I have investigated. But as professionals we have no choice when it comes to understanding how these accidents happen. Causation is the key to understanding why the law is on your side.

And one thing I have noticed are the seasonal patterns for crashes caused by deer and tall corn. When the corn gets tall drivers need to be more careful when crossing interesections or in coming out from side roads and onto the main highways. It is called driving with due care. Let's face it we are all on notice of the tall corn seasons.

This is my business and it is one I thoroughly enjoy because I get to help people when they need help most. I get to observe the seasons and crash patterns along with driver behavior. 

Tall Corn Season: This is the time of year when the height of corn creates obstacles to drivers. And this will change shortly with the harvest; but along with the harvest will come more deer related accidents. That’s because as the corn is harvested, the deer have fewer places to hide and that has a tendency to increase their activity. This means more deer crossing highways and roadways meaning more crashes.

Keep your eyes open, your head on a swivel and you nose out of your phone.

Now even though the conclusion reached in this story may be true, it doesn’t mean the driver with the right-of-way has no claim. He or she probably does. I would say someone in the Sumner fatal crash has a claim based on their right-of-way. The rules of the road are not altered by tall corn.

See the story below.

Tall corn may have contributed to fatal crash

SUMNER, Iowa —Authorities say tall corn growing near a northern Iowa city may have contributed to a fatal, two-vehicle crash.

The Bremer County Sheriff's Office says the two cars were traveling in different directions Monday morning when they collided at an intersection about five miles outside of Sumner.

One driver, 44-year-old Dawn Novak, of Sumner, was pronounced dead at the scene. The other driver, 47-year-old Logan Huebner, also of Sumner, received minor injuries along with a passenger in his vehicle. Both were taken to a local hospital.

Authorities say tall corn may have contributed to the collision, but they did not release additional information. The crash remains under investigation.

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